Saturday, July 2, 2011

Woods Photoshoot

Collaborative Photoshoot
Alea Mayfield
Christine Skelly

Our first collaborative photoshoot together took Alea Mayfield and myself into the woods of Yorktown where the light was warm but scarce, and where the mosquitoes came and left their love marks on us. Despite the infestation encouraging us to leave and the light fleeting from our afternoon into twilight shoot very quickly, we managed to take several pictures each and end up with some very nice portraits.

It was on this shoot that I taught my dear friend what shutter speed and aperture did and how they were far superior to point and shoot technology. She seemed to capture some excellent shots if I do say so myself. The first one below is one I positively love.

My role was to take a few posed portraits of Alea and perhaps a few candids that would show her off without being overly glamorous or cheesy. We found a balance that worked and I shot her in some really warm light that brought out her smile. Here are the results, so do enjoy and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

I adore the grain of this photo, the soft texture steals my heart away.
Taken by Alea Mayfield on 19June 2011

A quiet day in the woods.
Taken by Alea Mayfield on 19June 2011

Alea Mayfield, Yorktown Beauty
Photo Taken by Christine Skelly
on 19June2011

Eat Your Heart Out
Photo Taken by Christine Skelly
on 19June2011

Softly, Sweetly.
Photo Taken by Christine Skelly on 19June2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Expectations. F*ck 'Em.

You Are Wonderful.
How often are we told to think this? Variations, perhaps often. “You are special.” “Unique”. “Talented”. It is difficult for me to support these terms because there is a sense of comparison beneath the fa├žade of the compliment. “You are more special than that child”, “You are more unique than others could hope to be”, and thus, more talented than others are. And we wonder where our sense of entitlement comes from these days.

Not only is there a sense of comparison inherent in these seemingly harmless terms used to extol our 5 year olds for scribbling on a napkin that we will later hang on our freezer door, there is also a set of expectations that comes attached to the things,
words. Now, allow the word expectations to be loosely defined: something which one or another expects to happen.

The cause of such expectations is not the point, as expectations are fantasies in the first and foremost place. Things people want to happen, but are not happening. Goals are one thing. Expectations, another. Expectations can often lead to pressure, and pressure to guilt when one deviates from whatever is laid before them as the plan by whatever implement of society is at hand, be it themselves, a family member, etc. And thus guilt and pain come when there is nothing wrong with the daily life of a garbage man, working a wage and paying for food for the family he loves.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

But society looks down on one thing and lifts another. So what if you drop out of college? So what if you work at a convenience store? So what if you are president of a huge company or if you work in the mailroom? The person who “made it” could be a jerk, or could have been the college drop out who followed his dreams, or could have inherited the company. The convenience store worker could be paying for his child’s health bills for a serious disease, working two jobs. They are still a kind and caring person despite not following others’ expectations of success. And while it is a big enough monster to fight others’ expectations, it is our own which can be our largest downfall.

I know I beat myself up over many things that I feel I should be and am not, especially when I compare myself to far more successful peers. Never do this. You are sure to find someone you deem much more successful and may be disappointed. Just focus on goals, not expectations and take steps everyday towards those goals!

Just Do It.
But regardless, I would say there is nothing wrong, and there is everything right about being where you are here and now, doing what you are doing. The key is to realize is there is no worse word than “should”. Just be. Learn to pay attention to what is right in front of you, not ahead or behind.

So as I write this, I am very pleased of the direction my life is going in, as I am writing my blog entry instead of guilting myself about the fact that I have not done so recently. And I am writing my blog post instead of worrying about how many times a week I must post. That’s the past and the future respectively. I am working on acting more and thinking less. Thinking has always gotten me tons of headache and making assumptions has caused worse heartache, especially with not acting because of fear.

Thus, my new mid-year’s resolution is to Do More, Think Less.

Anyone thought similarly? Let me know how thinking and not acting has screwed you up, or let me know ideas of how I can learn to act more and be more decisive. Leave me a comment and let me know guys.


Royal Flush

Royal Flush

Is there anything better than pinball on an old rickety pinball machine that has dusty wedged in the crooks of it's cracked plastic? With yellowing lights and ticking numbers that keep score like an old cash register, these
are the sounds of real mechanisms and real history that can still be turned on eons later as long as electricity is still conducted into a power cord. Digital can rob us of the tangible realness that is in fact slower, but will win the race between the tortoise and the hare. Fast technology dies even faster. Nostalgia is forever.

Shot: 23June2011


This is available as a print. If you’d like to help a fellow artist, or just love the art, contact for information about prints.